Byond28 Confinement is a total breastfeeding-friendly confinement centre. Our in-house lactation counsellors are certified by the Malaysian National Lactation Centre (NLC) and are available for private consultation on various topics like the benefits of breastfeeding, breast engorgement, guiding mothers on breast massage, the importance of colostrum, the difference between foremilk and hindmilk, baby breastfeeding cues, the correct breastfeeding positioning and latching techniques.


Our Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM) approved staff nurses will also be syringe feeding or bottle feeding your newborn any expressed breast milk in the baby nursery, whilst the mother can focus on recovery and rejuvenating in her comfortable and spacious rooms.

Byond28 Confinement Care operates to give mothers the best of both worlds by combining traditional Chinese confinement practices with modern evidence-based operating systems. This ensures that all mothers will receive the best confinement care service.


At Byond28 Confinement Care, we understand that there will be many postpartum challenges that a mother will face such as breast engorgement, blocked ducts, inverted nipples or even edema (swelling legs).


Any woman who is adjusting to motherhood will face these challenges, and it will be challenging to handle alone without proper supportive environment. If left unaddressed, these issues may have a substantial impact on the mother’s mental health and overall wellbeing.



Byond28 Confinement Care provides the highest level of professional care for newborn babies to ensure that they growth strong and healthily during this sensitive period. We understand that there is nothing more important to a mother during her confinement than a happy and healthy newborn baby. Byond28 provides the utmost priority to ensure that a wide range of complications that may happen to the newborn are avoided. These complications may include jaundice, baby rashes, nappy rashes, lactose intolerance, and baby colic.


All operations regarding mother care are overseen by Dr Kenneth Looi, who has over 10 years of experience in Paediatrics. Dr Kenneth practices in Columbia Asia Cheras Hospital, and he visits the centre every week to ensure that all newborn babies are healthy and well taken care of. During our Paediatrician visits to check-up on the newborn babies, the doctor also provides one-to-one consultation to mothers in their room. These consultations happen for all mothers once a week during their entire confinement period.


Our Services

The Byond28 Confinement Care concept of modern confinement includes providing confinement services before, during and after the standard 28-days of confinement. Byond28 Confinement Care has a team of experienced and professional staff in Paediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G) who will guide parents and parents-to-be through various aspects self-care and baby care.


Most of these education classes are one-to-one consultations, so that any education will be tailored to you and your newborn’s specific requirements, conducted by our staff nurses and nurse managers who are midwife certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM). 

Other more complex topics such as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), baby colic, and adjusting to puerperium will be covered by our Paediatrician and our Obstetrician & Gynaecologist doctors.


Byond28 Confinement Care understands modern parenthood heavily involves both the mother and the father, and that the father’s role as a supporting figure during confinement is critical to the psychological and emotional wellbeing of the mother. Fathers are encouraged to join any educational classes available to learn more about being a parent!

Located in a standalone building in Cheras, Byond28 Confinement Care takes confinement care to the next level with its outstanding facilities. A standalone building means that customers are unaffected by attached shop lots, hotels, or service apartments.


Byond28 Confinement Care provides 24-hour nursing care for newborn babies. Our baby nursery is structured with reference to a hospital setting, equipped with an individual ground floor emergency exit, two-tiered air ventilation system with HEPA filters, as well as a separate observation and isolation room for your baby. The confinement centre is equipped with almost 100 CCTVS around the premises.

This will ensure that mothers can enjoy confinement with peace of mind. The baby nursery at Byond28 Confinement Care is located on the ground floor. The nurse comes with its individual exit, two-tiered air ventilation system with HEPA filters, a separate observation and isolation room.


Byond28 also has an in-house kitchen has a 3-tiered water filtration system (including a UV filter). Food will be prepared and served fresh immediately, keeping any nutrition intact and keeping the confinement food warm.

The confinement centre also has an in-house laundry to wash and clean any clothes and linen. Newborn babies have extremely delicate and sensitive skin, which may be worsened by contacting detergents and harmful chemicals that are not baby-friendly. Having an in-house laundry allows Byond28 the flexibility to control the use of detergent and any harmful chemicals that may affect the newborn babies.


Byond28 Confinement Care is also backed by a reserved forest, which provides a peaceful and relaxing environment for all mothers residing here. Wake up every day and enjoy the serene and lush reserved forest and be closer to nature during this sensitive period of confinement.

Examples of professional mother care include one-to-one breastfeeding consultation with Malaysian National Lactation Centre (NLC) certified lactation counsellors, daily nursing check-ups for the critical first 2 weeks of your postpartum journey, who are monitored by staff nurses who are certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM).


The nursing team of Byond28 Confinement Care is led by nurse managers who are certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM). All operations regarding mother care are overseen by Dr Krishna Kumar, who has over 35 years of experience in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G). Dr Krishna also visits to provide educational classes to mothers-to-be on how to prepare themselves during their pregnancy and what to expect during delivery.

Our doctor who is a specialist in Paediatrics (Paediatrician) will visit Byond28 every week to check-up on the newborn babies and to provide one-to-one consultation to mothers in their rooms, as well as provide advice to nursing department.


All staff nurses in our nursing department are approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM). Our nursing department will be responsible for syringe feeding or bottle feeding your newborn any expressed breast milk (EBM) or formula milk in the baby nursery, while you can rest, relax, and rejuvenate during your critical confinement period.

Learn about breastfeeding benefits in our antenatal breastfeeding class, as well as familiarising with their breast anatomy and composition. The antenatal breastfeeding class will also prepare mothers on what to expect when breastfeeding in the hospital.


During their confinement at Byond28 Confinement Care, our lactation counsellors will guide mothers on their recording their latching duration, their expression volume, their breast engorgement, as well as teaching them how to use their breast pump. Byond28 will also teach mothers about breastmilk storage and reheating tips to prepare them for life after confinement.