Our Services

Your Baby

Qualified Professionals By Your Side

  • O&G specialist grade B as our technical advisor

  • All Staff Nurses approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM)

  • Nursing Team daily routine check ups

  • Weekly Paediatrician check ups

  • Babies are bathed, fed & put to sleep on a schedule optimised for wellbeing


Your Education

All You Need To Know About Confinement

  • Personalised guidance by our Nursing Team

  • Talks and classes held by our Technical Team

  • Basics of proper baby care – carrying, holding, massaging

  • Complex aspects of baby care – bathing, feeding cues, soothing & breastfeeding

  • Guidance on how to use baby products and equipment


Your Comfort

Uncompromised Comfort For Confinement

  • En-suite bathroom with phone

  • King-sized bed

  • Personal LED TV

  • Personal nursing pillows

  • 28-day herbal bath

  • In-room baby trolley

  • Fully air conditioned

  • Complimentary WiFi

  • Mini fridge

  • Safe box

  • Free daddy stay

  • 28-day mother's clothes

  • Daily housekeeping services

  • And many other amenities

Baby Breastfeeding

Your Journey With Us

  • Nursing Team provides guidance, scheduling and assistance on breastfeeding

  • Breast massages & education

  • Encouragement & focus on mental support for breastfeeding

  • Private consultations with our Matron

  • Breastfeeding classes to further enhance your knowledge

  • Available resources both online and offline on breastfeeding


Your Food

Tastefully prepared with Love

  • 5 meals a day for 28 days

  • Replenish blood levels, balance body temperature & increase antibodies

  • Tailored to improve your production of breast milk

  • Balance of traditional confinement food & modern cuisines

  • Free flow herbal drinks

  • Lactation boosting soups

  • Homemade Lactation cookies

  • 28 days double boiled herbal tonic soup

Your Security

For Your Peace Of Mind

  • Building designed for emergency evacuation

  • Almost 100 CCTVS that leave no blind spots

  • One-to-one baby camera in baby room

  • Standalone Air Ventilation

  • Clean & ionised air

  • Separate baby isolation room & observation room