Why You Should Consume Drip Chicken Essence After Delivery

What is Chicken Essence?

Boiled chicken soup has long been consumed as a traditional remedy and health supplement in countries all around Asia. In 1970, chicken essence became commercialised and readily available in the Taiwanese market for its ability to improve cognitive function Chicken Essence became readily available to people and consumption of Chicken Essence as a nutritional tonic rose in popularity. However, some find the taste of commercialised Chicken Essence pungent and are unable to stomach it.

Drip Chicken Essence – the evolution of Chicken Essence

In 2010, the Taiwanese market developed Drip Chicken Essence as an improvement from Chicken Essence. The preparation of Drip Chicken Essence plays a huge role in its quality. The age, gender and nutritional value of the chicken is considered during the selection of the ingredients. The chicken is double boiled after a thorough cleaning process to extract a bowl of pure essence. Drip Chicken Essence boasts a significant improvement in taste, like homemade chicken soup. Many people enjoy the rich taste of Drip Chicken Essence and its smooth texture. However, due to the process of preparation being tedious and time consuming, it is not as readily available as traditional Chicken Essence.

When to Consume Drip Chicken Essence

Despite its popularity, there are common misconceptions regarding the consumption period of Drip Chicken Essence for an expecting mother. Pregnant mothers are often encouraged by their parents and in-laws to consume Drip Chicken Essence every day before delivery. The high protein levels in Drip Chicken Essence will speed up the bone growth and baby development, which may cause complications for delivery. Pregnant mothers are advised to reduce drinking Drip Chicken Essence before delivery, and to drink more after delivery to assist their recovery.

Post-Delivery Benefits of Drip Chicken Essence

1. Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue

Drip Chicken Essence has high protein content, which includes characteristics of peptides anserine andcarnosine. Drip Chicken Essence is also rich in amino acids, which hastens recovery, improves mental and physical fatigue.

2. Improves sleep quality

Consuming Drip Chicken Essence can also improve sleep quality, which is important for mothers who routinely wake up during the night to breastfeed. Improved sleep quality will help reduce mental stress and anxiety.

3. An increase in metabolism

Drip Chicken Essence contains a lot of dietary glucoses and lipids. A higher metabolism will increase the absorption levels of nutrients and energy from food consumption. Increased metabolism can also improve iron absorption. Iron helps replenish red blood cells, which reduces fatigue and prevents anemia.

4. Strengthening muscles and bones after delivery

Drip Chicken Essence is high in protein and essential amino acids, which strengthens muscles, bones and repair damaged tissue after delivery. This includes any cuts from a caesarean birth or tears from a natural birth. Drip Chicken Essence is also rich in calcium, which will strengthen bone density. It is very important for women to maintain a healthy level of bone density because most women suffer from osteoporosis during menopause.

5. A boost in immunity

The baby in the womb is entirely reliant on the pregnant mother for nutrients. This increases the risk for the mother to fall sick after delivery. Studies have shown that consuming Drip Chicken Essence can increase the activity of serum immunoglobulin, increasing the production of antibodies. Drip Chicken Essence has a stimulatory effect which help maintain immune cell numbers and protect immune functions, reducing the risk of sickness after birth.

6. Increase production of breastmilk

The boost in metabolism from Drip Chicken Essence consumption helps maintain a healthy milk supply for breastfeeding mothers. Drip Chicken Essence also significantly elevates the contents of lactoferrin and epidermal growth factor in breast milk, which are important for an infant’s growth and contribute to the baby developing a stronger immune system.

Does This Mean I Should Not Drink Drip Chicken Essence Before Delivery?

Mothers can also share the benefits from consuming Drip Chicken Essence with their baby during pregnancy. The key to consumption during pregnancy is moderation. At Byond28, we suggest that pregnant mothers should consume Drip Chicken Essence once or twice a fortnight, starting from the 5th month of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should stop consuming Drip Chicken Essence a month before the expected delivery date, and only continue after delivery. This will result in both mother and baby receiving the positive effects of Drip Chicken Essence without experiencing possible complications during delivery.

At Byond28, our in-house Drip Chicken Essence is carefully extracted from free-range chickens through a time consuming and labour-intensive procedure. The skin of the free-range chicken is removed before being minced, double-boiled and steamed in a high-pressure steamer for long hours. Before the extracted essence is served, our chefs also filter the excess oil and coagulated blood, reducing calories. This results in a rich, pure, and nutritious Drip Chicken Essence that has retained its fabulous taste, ready to serve to our mothers.

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