The confinement period is a time dedicated to allowing your body to rest and recuperate.


    As Asians, one of the most significant matters being drummed into expectant mothers is the importance of confinement care. A traditional Chinese confinement period generally begins immediately after delivery and lasts for one month. Some may extend it a couple of weeks, if so desired.


    However, not everyone is agreeable to confinement care. Should you be one of these people who deem confinement care to be old fashioned, unnecessary and well, “confining”, this article is just for you! Please read on and allow us to share with you some of the benefits of confinement care.



    1. Rest, recuperate and renourish your body

    While you may or may not feel it, pregnancy and childbirth is a physical exertion to your body. The confinement period is a time dedicated to allowing your body to rest and recuperate to be stronger for the parental journey ahead of you.


    A nutritious and balanced confinement diet consisting of plenty of ginger and herbs are specifically catered for this purpose. The confinement diet will help renourish your body, allowing you to heal from the pain and aches that you had endured in the months prior.


    A nutritious and balanced confinement diet consisting of plenty of ginger and herbs will help renourish your body.



    2. Mental and emotional balance

    Beyond the physical changes that your body has endured during pregnancy, you have also been subjected to the less obvious changes in the mental and emotional aspects. The confinement period is the best time to treat yourself to some tender loving care while allowing yourself the time and space to readjust these aspects.


    Certain confinement food is prepared to specifically boost tranquillity and improve sleep quality for new mothers, aiding the mind to reconnect and reharmonise. This is important for keeping the baby blues and postpartum depression at bay.


    3. Bonding with your newborn


    Spend time to get to know your baby.


    Despite having your little one growing within you for a good three quarters of a year, it is fair to say that you both know very little of each other. The confinement period is a crucial time to bond and get to know each other better. Confinement care allows you to do just that by guiding you through self-care and baby care!


    Spending time with each other, learning which touch your baby enjoys best and which tone of voice that your baby responds best to are precious and profound experiences that set the foundation for spending the rest of your life together.


    Learning which touches that your baby enjoys best.



    4. Transition into motherhood


    Learning how to bathe and spend time with your baby.


    For first-time mothers, the confinement period is also a time to learn how to bathe and dress her newborns, to feed and burp the babies as well as to lull them to sleep. Confinement care allows you to take a break from the many mundane and tiring household chores as you focus on learning these new tasks where your baby is concerned.


    Fathers can learn to burp the baby too.


    This will ultimately enable you to have a smoother transition into motherhood. It will also prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, as you make the time to rebalance yourself after a chaotic nine months of pregnancy.


    Learning how to soothe and massage your baby.



    5. Move forward with renewed confidence

    After having been rejuvenated through confinement care, you will be in a better physical, mental, and emotional position to take care of your baby and your family. Your renourished body will also allow your mind to be in a calmer state, ready to face challenges of motherhood in the days to come, knowing that you will be creating wonderful memories for your baby and your family.


    Motherhood is called a journey because it is fundamentally a trip that begins from the conception of your baby and will continue for some decades to come. Confinement care is an essential part to ensure that you have a good start to a smooth and sustainable journey.


    We wish you a happy and enjoyable motherhood journey!


    Looking forward to creating more memories together.


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