A confinement centre that is close to your residential home or to your husband’s office will make it more convenient for your husband to see you and your baby.


    When we think of a vacation retreat, we think of a place and time where we can escape from the chaos of our daily lives, a perfect place for us to relax and rejuvenate. Almost always, the first image that pops into our minds is one of ourselves sipping champagne or cocktails as we laze by the beach or by the swimming pool of a luxurious hotel.


    When people equate postnatal confinement care as a form of a luxurious retreat, automatically they begin their mental checklist for the hotel of their dreams, namely: -


    ●  A five-star hotel with thick lush carpet and a shining chandelier at the lobby
    ●  Efficient services by friendly staff at your disposal
    ●  A mineral spring spa that also provides massages and wellness treatment
    ●  Swimming pool with jacuzzi


    And this luxurious list goes on as far as your wildest dreams. Postnatal confinement care is meant for new mothers to rest, recover and recuperate from the ordeal of childbirth. However, unlike our requirements for luxurious hotels, the checklist for confinement centres needs to be more detailed and in-depth. For those of you who may be feeling a tad lost in this, read on and allow us to help you comb through some of the factors you should include in your checklist. 



    1. Legitimacy


    Well, first and foremost, please ensure that the confinement centres you are considering are legally registered businesses. Simply because chances are, a legally registered business is less likely to be a scam or a fly-by-night organisation. You certainly do not want your confinement and your journey into motherhood to start on such bad notes - gasp!



    2. Location

    You may want to choose a confinement centre that is close to your residential home or to your husband’s office. This is as a consideration for your husband who will be travelling to see you and your baby. You may also want to ensure that the said location is within a safe area of low density and has a tranquil ambiance so that you can benefit from a restful confinement period.



    3. Nurse Qualifications


    It is important to ensure that at all times, there are qualified nurses and midwives taking care of your newborn.


    While checking in at a hotel, you may have no care for the qualifications of the staff but be warned that this should not be the case with your confinement retreat. We strongly advise that you enquire on this when you are checking out confinement centres. It is important to always ensure that there are qualified nurses and midwives taking care of your newborn, instead of hired maids.


    Find out whether there are lactation nurses to guide the new mothers in breastfeeding.



    4. Doctors & Lactation Counsellors


    Ask also if there are doctors (especially paediatricians) making regular visits to check the newborns. Babies can be rather unpredictable, and you never know when you may just need advice from a paediatrician! Find out whether there are lactation counsellors to guide the new mothers in breastfeeding. Believe us when we say that you will be very thankful for them in the event you are facing breast engorgement.



    5. Nutritional Confinement Food


    Another important person to check out is their chefs and their menu. We are what we eat, and similarly your recovery will depend a lot on the food you will be consuming during this crucial month. As such, it will be worth your time to find out if the confinement centre has chefs who are well-versed and specialised in confinement food. Bonus will be if they are creative in the food presentation so that you don’t end up getting sick and tired of eating the same food over and over throughout the month!



    6. Services and Facilities


    Postnatal yoga and postnatal massage are among the extra services provided by some confinement centres.


    Confinement centres these days are offering more than just confinement care. There are other services which are made available to new mothers to ease their transition into motherhood, e.g., prenatal courses, breastfeeding courses and support groups, postnatal massage, postnatal yoga and wellness spa. Do find out if the confinement centre of your choice has these offerings as well.




    Find out also about the facilities available for you during your stay with the confinement centre.


    ●  Do they have individual rooms for each new mother or are these mothers required to share rooms?

    ●  Are there ensuite bathrooms or only public bathrooms to be shared?

    ●  Is it possible for your husband to spend the nights with you?

    ●  Is it possible for you to also monitor your baby from your bedroom?

    ●  How often do they change the bedsheets and towels?

    ●  Are there sufficient parking bays to cater for all husbands and visitors?


    Find out also about the facilities available for you during your stay with the confinement centre, e.g., are there ensuite bathrooms?


    Above all, be mindful of the cost and packages offered. It is imperative that you are aware of what are the haves and have-nots so that you do not end up feeling short-changed; and that you get what you paid for.


    Last but not least, do check out what Byond28 Confinement Care has got to offer as well. You may be surprised at how well we meet your requirements as you will be marking off all the boxes in your checklist before you know it! It will definitely be our pleasure to serve you and your bundle of joy as we assist you in adapting to your new role as a mother. We hope to see you at our centre soon.





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