Why Byond28


Our relationship with expecting parents go Byond28 days. We will guide you throughout the confinement period, from antenatal to postnatal. We understand that taking care of a newborn baby requires a lot of effort and patience. Rest assured; Byond28 Confinement Care will be there alongside you throughout your journey towards parenthood.

Meet The Team


Centre Manager

It's time to show Malaysia a fresh perspective on confinement through combining traditional Chinese perspectives and evidence-based research.

Technical Advisor


By guiding mothers on exclusive breastfeeding, baby care and self-love. I believe this is how I can pass my knowledge to shape the next generation.


Asst. Centre Manager

We created an environment that allows all mothers to relax, recover and truly experience confinement. We want to be part of your motherhood journey.

Mother Care

At Byond28, we focus on key aspects of confinement – safety, mental and physical wellbeing. Our standalone building is designed to be safe and secure. Our nurses routinely monitor your health and provide consultation on self-care. Byond28 Confinement Care focuses on your education towards becoming a confident mother.

Home Nurse Making Bed

Baby Care

Our qualified professional nursing team is here to guide you on all aspects of baby care. From changing diapers, bathing your baby, massaging your baby, or expressing your breastmilk, we have all the right products and equipment for you.

Exclusive Breastfeeding

We provide the perfect environment for mothers to breastfeed their baby. With the guidance from our Matron and Nurses, we will ensure that you have a successful breastfeeding journey. Byond28 will also be providing classes and information sessions about breastfeeding.

Wellbeing & Bonding

Pamper yourself during your confinement with our postnatal massages, hair washes and postnatal yoga classes. Catch up with your family and friends in our visitor lounge and multipurpose room; and share your stories with other mothers over lunch at our Hangout Area.

Confinement Food

Our 5 meals are a balanced mixture of traditional confinement good and mouthwatering modern fusion cuisine. Your satisfaction and improving health will be the pride of our Chefs and Dietician. Our food contains key nutrients for improving lactation and regaining energy.


A Glimpse Of Byond28 Confinement Experience 



"除了谢谢, 我还是谢谢的. 谢谢你们给了我那么棒的回忆, 我一定会很想念你们的 (大大的鞠躬)。"